Ash Ali

An award-winning serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor, Ash sold his first internet business at the age of just 19 (and most recently his Dubai-based on-demand mobile app startup in 2018).

As the first marketing director of Just Eat UK which IPO’d for £1.5 billion, he was included in the Top 250 Growth Hackers, as well as Top 100 Asian Tech Stars in the UK.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience creating and growing startups, he has consulted, advised, and invested in hundreds of startups at various funding stages.

Ash is a highly sought-after international speaker and expert on digital disruption and tech transformation, and has spoken at numerous global organisations and conferences including Salesforce, Ernst & Young and TEDx. His new book The Unfair Advantage – Boost Your Chances of Tech Startup Success (co-authored with Hasan Kubba) is coming soon.


Ash Ali kindly accepted an invitation from Salesforce to come and give a talk about his experience as a serial entrepreneur, investor, marketing director at Just Eat, and his concept of the Unfair Advantage. The rich content of his presentation combined with his outstanding public speaking skills and charisma produced one of the best talks we ever held at Salesforce Tower in London. It was a great learning experience for the audience and the committee.

– CYRUS HESSABI (Salesforce)

We asked Ash to speak as the keynote at a high profile Innovation event put on by EY and other organisations — he did a fantastic job, bringing his experience at Just Eat to bear in a way that delivered practical, tangible advice to our guests. Ash was extremely professional, insightful and a pleasure to work with before and after the event.

– FREDDIE MONK (Ernst & Young)

Ash Ali came to my class at ESCP Europe London campus to talk about growth hacking, exponential growth and running experiments at scale. His talk was fascinating and lively. The students truly enjoyed the chance of being exposed to a very experienced practitioner who was not holding back with honest and open stories and details of his various ventures. Especially his ideas of the growth hacking and tinkering mindset.

– PROF MARTIN KUPP (ESCP Europe Business School)

Hasan Kubba

A digital entrepreneur and growth marketing expert, Hasan is a specialist in lean startup, sales, entrepreneurship and growth strategy.

With his own digital marketing agency background and startup investment experience, Hasan is particularly strong at breaking down complex business concepts into simple and effective strategies and tactics.

He is passionate about the future of tech entrepreneurship and digital disruption globally, and is an in-demand startup mentor to young entrepreneurs, corporate workshop trainer, and international speaker.

His new book The Unfair Advantage – Boost Your Chances of Startup Success with startup legend and angel investor Ash Ali (the first marketing director of Just Eat which IPO’d at £1.5 billion) is out soon.


Hasan Kubba was a brilliant speaker and mentor at Seaside Startup Summit. Our startup founders really raved about his talk, his down-to-earth style, and the clarity of his communication when it came to strategy, branding, positioning and digital marketing. He also spoke about The Unfair Advantage concept which he co-developed and was a big hit.

– HOVHANNES YERITSYAN (Seaside Startup Summit)

Hasan Kubba was an unbelievably great startup mentor and strategist. He spoke about his entrepreneurial story and Unfair Advantage concept and it completely changed my view of business. His insights and the feedback he has given us in fundraising, pitching, branding and marketing our startup has been astounding. We benefited greatly from his guidance and has helped us get to a $650,000 valuation.

– ASHIN AI (Smado — IoT Startup Co-Founder)

The startup founders in our incubator absolutely loved Hasan’s talk and workshop on The Unfair Advantage concept and gained a lot. They were also fascinated by his entrepreneurial story and his relatable style of speaking and teaching. He asked the right questions and led our young entrepreneurs to make the right decisions. He presented the concept of The Unfair Advantage in a very simple and easy way — and I’ve seen the positive impact on the teams instantly.   

– SAIF ALJAIBEJI (Ras Al Khaimah Incubator & Accelerator)

The Unfair Advantage Philosophy

Principle #1

An Unfair Advantage is is a condition or circumstance that puts you, or your startup, in a favourable business position.


Principle #2

To increase your chances of success in your startup, business or career, you have to identify and leverage your personal Unfair Advantages


Priniciple #3

We ALL have Unfair Advantages


Priniciple #4

Unfair Advantages =/= Strengths


Principle #5

Unfair Advantages can’t be copied or bought