Ash Ali's New Book
The Unfair Advantage 
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The Unfair Advantage
Boost Your Chances of Startup Success.

In The Unfair Advantage, award-winning entrepreneur and growth hacker Ash Ali, along with his co-author, startup growth consultant Hasan Kubba, uncover the secret behind why some startups make it and others don’t. 

Wrapping up his experience as the first Marketing Director of £3.5 billion company Just Eat into a practical narrative, Ash breaks apart the different types of unfair advantages swimming just under the surface of your favourite success stories. 

Every single one of them has an unfair advantage within the MILES structure (Money, Intelligence, Location & Luck, Education, or Status). 

In the book, Ali discusses the common elements running across the three businesses he started from scratch as well as some of the most popular companies and entrepreneurs alive today. 

The Unfair Advantage is more than an analysis of popular companies. It isn’t hero worship or empty encouragement. At its core, the book shows how you can find your own unfair advantage to change your mindset, your startup, and your life.
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